We Are Looking for The Right Fit. Aren’t You?

Many personal injury lawyers take on a large number of cases because they want every dollar that comes to them. They simply can’t pass up any potential case or potential dollar they might make. This is a dangerous place to be when money dictates a law firm’s case selection process. That is NOT how it works at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers.

People and their personal qualities:

-- Their motivations,
-- Their desires,
-- Their personality,
-- Their attitude, and
-- Their outlook on life...

Are at the forefront of our decision-making process when we consider accepting a new client. Only after that will we look to the circumstances of their personal injury case – such as the facts, liability, seriousness of injuries, etc.

If we find a good fit, that’s when we invite the potential client to work with us. This is the formula we have determined works best for our team and our clients. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Take a look below to see if you think we are a good fit. If these ideas resonate with your approach to life and how you want to handle your personal injury case, perhaps we should consider working together. But don’t decide yet. Read on...

You Are Reasonable

The legal team at Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers works best with clients who are reasonable in their approach to and expectations from their accident case. We work diligently to get our clients fair and solid compensation through a quick, low-stress resolution of their case. Clients who are a good fit with us, want that too. They don’t want their legal case to become their life. They want to get what they deserve and get back to their real life as quickly as possible.

One thing we identify right away when interviewing potential clients is whether or not they come off as vindictive, looking for some kind of revenge, or are seeking to go after absolutely every penny they can get at the expense of their peace of mind. This will not be a good fit for us. There are lots of personal injury lawyers out there that fit this profile. Look for the “tough guy” on the billboard. They want to take every case to trial and fight it to the bitter end. They want notoriety, they are focused on ego, getting another notch on their belt and they want to look good to their peers.

You Don’t Want Your Legal Case to Consume Your Life

Most of the people who work with us are not looking to drag out the process or get revenge. Typically, their primary goal is to minimize the stress that their accident is causing and get a fair result without delay. They need a personal injury attorney who understands their objective.

Our clients see a positive end result as getting back to their awesome life, not “cashing in.” They do want to get what’s fair, but they aren’t hung up on the money. Clients who fit best with us are focused on getting back to working at their great job, being a great family member or spouse and getting back to whatever they love doing, like riding their bike, playing with their kids, surfing, gaming, playing in a band, or... whatever it is that makes them happy. It doesn’t hurt that we help them do this while putting some money in their pocket.

I started researching online what to do, and I realized that I didn't have time and wasn't well equipped to handle these companies at all.  In the end, I started looking for personal injury attorneys and came to Yelp and saw this law firm, which was such an incredibly lucky thing to happen.  Outside of keeping them in the loop whenever I had another medical bill, I really didn't have to do anything.

Erin M.

Pedestrian Client

You Are Collaborative. 

You want to be kept in the loop about the important stuff. We are very careful to educate our clients thoroughly through the process to be sure they understand both what a reasonable settlement looks like and what the demands of litigating a personal injury case entail. Accepting a settlement offer or choosing to litigate the case are decisions we make together. This is where a solid, trusting and collaborative attorney-client relationship is mandatory. We work to serve your needs in getting a fair result, while doing everything we can to avoid dragging you through an intensely stressful process.

You Fight, But Only When Necessary. 

While we try to focus on low-stress, quick resolution of our cases, sometimes the circumstances require us to “take off the gloves” and fight. This works for you. Because, although getting in a fight is not your primary objective, you know when you need to fight – when things just aren’t fair.

We have successfully taken cases to trial, and we do litigate cases to get fair compensation for our clients. Unlike many personal injury lawyers who start every case with a severely aggressive mentality, we selectively “go to the mat” in cases that require a little more force to get the insurance carrier or third party to pay our client fairly for the serious injuries they suffered as a result of their accident. We don’t needlessly drag our clients through the litigation process. We only do it when fairness requires it. -- Because we are so good at settling cases for fair amounts, we only have to litigate about 7% of our cases.

We have plenty of litigation experience, and do not shy away from this path when we see moving forward in this direction as adding true value to the end result for our client - not for our ego or track record.

You Appreciate Common Sense. 

Personal injury attorneys who take cases all the way to trial may end up getting a higher dollar amount than if they had settled the case, but this may not always be in the client’s best interest.

For instance, let’s say the final settlement offer was $75,000, but, if the lawyer takes the case to trial and gets a $110,000 judgment, that’s a bigger number for sure. Trial attorneys are sure to let everyone know about their “victories.” -- Again, that ego thing. -- They say, “Look at me, the offer was only $75k, and then I took it to trial and got $110k!” The thing is that if you do the math, even though the trial number is $35k higher... What was the cost of getting that extra $35k?

The client certainly does NOT get $35k more than she would have if the case settled for $75k. Maybe she got $10k more (or maybe she got less than if she would have settled.) Not only is there a financial cost to be considered (thousands of dollars in litigation and trial costs and increased attorney’s fees), but also the cost of lost time. The increased result at trial will likely not be seen for another 12-18 months (or more if there is an appeal or post-trial motions.) The client loses several months of being “free” from their case. We have witnessed how liberating it is for clients to move past their personal injury cases. Also, the client has to spend a week or longer sitting in a courtroom watching this all go on before their eyes. Not to mention having to testify live in court in front of a judge, jury and public audience.

When we discuss this option of settlement vs. litigation and trial with our clients, we make sure we are clear on what the end result will look like for the client, not just for our track record, ego or reputation. What matters most to us is the peace of mind of our clients!

Torey R.
Bicycle Accident Client


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Who should work with Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers?

Former clients who rave (on Yelp or elsewhere) about their experience with Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers are mostly easy-going, positive, active, tech-savvy people who suffered significant injuries in traffic accidents caused by a 3rd party. We enjoy serving urban professionals, adventurous individuals, adrenaline junkies, busy parents and active retirees. Our clients have work, families, activities and active lives that keep them too busy to worry about the legal details of their personal injury claim. They need a personal injury lawyer they can trust who can offer expert recommendations to move their case along smoothly. Does this sound like you?

We enjoy working for our clients so much that we feel totally energized when we interact with them! Contact us to see if we can help you with your traffic accident claim.

Let's Get the Settlement You Deserve!

Why risk sabotaging your personal injury claim by trying to handle it alone?

Get your no cost, risk-free case evaluation. And get peace of mind.

If at any time within the first 30 days of signing with Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and care of service you receive from our attorneys, we will cancel your contract at no cost so that you can seek different representation. No questions asked.

Let's Maximize Your Claim!

Why risk sabotaging your personal injury claim by trying to handle it alone?

Get your no cost, risk-free case evaluation. And get peace of mind.

If at any time within the first 30 days of signing with Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and care of service you receive from our attorneys, we will cancel your contract at no cost so that you can seek different representation. No questions asked.

Who should NOT work with Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers?

People who have suffered no (or very minor – like “whiplash”) injuries. People who have been injured in an accident other than a bicycle, pedestrian, motorcycle or car or rideshare accident case. At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers, we focus our efforts and resources on these types of cases only. This allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. We are experts in these areas!

We have also found that our overall philosophy does not quite “jive” with people who are looking for revenge or to “get back at” the person who unintentionally caused their injuries. At Sally Morin Personal Injury Lawyers we go for solid and fair results. Rather than fighting for the sake of a fight, we work tirelessly and efficiently to get our clients the compensation they deserve so they can get back to the things they love. We believe this approach helps keep our legal system a respectable and safe place for honest dispute resolution.

If this makes sense to you and you think we are a good fit, why not see if we can help?

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